Saturday, February 27, 2010

Woe is Me....Oh Well, it's just money...Folks, It Can't Dance and It Can't Walk Away From A Bad Mortgage. Al Boek

Published today in the Huffington Post Under the Article HOUSING WOES
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong in most cases, do not run away from your home.
Walk away slowly, Bank every dime you can. Take anything you need or
can use in your next home. As the Sheriff pulls up to lock your doors,
drive off carefully and never, ever look back. This is not an emotional
choice it is a business one. If the shoe was on the other foot, you know
what your banker would do, don't you?

Looks like the Blacks and the Mexicans were not the only ones who
bought homes they could not afford. Prime loans, are A paper
borrowers.White folk. Actually they never were to blame, you have to
have a secondary market for the loans, for the loans to be written, no
matter what the interest, business climate or term is.

Next big opportunity, the wealthy commercial building owners who
refi'ed or purchased properties, 4.5 years ago when you and I did on
our homes, $500 Billion now beginning to come due, of a $3.5 Trillion
dollar market. Read more here...

I figure we all have about 3 years at the most to help them transfer
some of their wealth. Come join me if you'd like. No experience, no
cash, no credit needed. I can prove it. This is not an ad...just a real
honest comment. Hope the information is found worthy for you and
your readers. EAB

Following Comment Was Written over 2 Years Ago by EAB

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Will the real estate market recover in 2008, or keep falling? Why ...

Dec 3, 2007 Others Were Saying....and they called it "the best advice
of 2007-2008."  I call it wishful thinking. EAB

... I think the Real Estate Market will take another three years before hitting
the .... Best advice for 2007/2008 .......... you never know what the market will do, ... › ... › Renting & Real Estate - Cached - Similar

Will the real estate market recover in 2008, or keep falling? Why?

This question is being asked by a Yahoo! News editor. A portion of
your answer might be used as part of a Yahoo! News special

Earl Allen Boek Said:
It will keep falling. Regarding Home Values across the nation,

Expect additional losses ranging from 10% to 15% thru 2008 and
beyond.  The damage to secondary financial markets, investors,
existing homeowners already in default and the real estate market
has already been done. Any rate freezes or bail-out plans are too little
too late. Look for recession to follow.
(If I wrote this today, I would say Look for recession OR WORSE.)


Expert in pre-foreclosures and distressed properties in CA.
Licensed Real Estate Agent, 20 years. Earl Allen Boek
General Acquisitions, LLC Anderson, CA. 530-549-4476
+ Written Over Two Years Ago

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